Department of Consumer Affairs, Board of Occupational Therapy

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Meeting Type Date Location Agenda/Materials Minutes Webcast
Ad Hoc Committee Meeting March 3, 2015 Teleconference Meeting
Multiple Locations
Meeting Materials
Board Meeting March 6, 2015 Mission Inn Hotel
3649 Mission Inn Ave
Riverside CA 92501
Meeting Materials:
Agenda Items 4-7
Agenda Item 8
Agenda Item 10-13
Agenda Item 14
Board Meeting June 3-4, 2015 DCA
2005 Evergreen St
Hearing Room First Floor
Sacramento CA 95815
Board Meeting -
Strategic Planning Session
June 25- 26, 2015 DCA
1747 North Market Blvd.
Emerald Room
Sacramento CA 95834
Board Meeting September 17-18, 2015 TBD
Board Meeting November 19-20, 2015 TBD

Committee and Board Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Information regarding specific meeting sites will be sent to interested parties and made available on the Board's web site as soon as they are available.

Past Meetings