Board Members

The California Board of Occupational Therapy is one more than 40 boards, bureaus, a commission, and a committee, that falls under the broad authority of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

DCA Leadership

The California Board of Occupational Therapy consists of seven members, five appointed by the governor, one by the Speaker of the Assembly and one by the Senate Rules Committee. It consists of three occupational therapists, one occupational therapy assistant and three public members. The board is required to meet at least three times a year, in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Board members serve without compensation.


Current board members and the dates their appointments expire:

  • Denise Miller, OT Member (2023), President
  • Beata Morcos, Public Member (2026), Vice President
  • Lynna Lan Tien Do, Public Member (2024), Secretary
  • Richard Bookwalter, OT Member (2024)
  • Hector Cabrera, Public Member (2026)
  • Sharon Pavlovich, OTA Member (2023)
  • Christine Wietlisbach, OT Member (2026)

Note: If a Board Member's term has expired, they may continue to serve one year from the expiration of their term or until a successor is appointed whichever occurs first.

Board members are the leaders of the State's licensing and regulatory agencies. Board members make important decisions on Board policies and on disciplinary actions against professionals who violate state consumer protection laws. Board members, among other things, approve regulations and help guide licensing, enforcement, public education and consumer protection activities.


Heather Martin, Executive Officer


The first step to becoming a board member is to submit an application to the office of the appropriate appointing official.

For details on vacancies and who appoints members to a particular board, review the Department of Consumer Affairs Board Member Roster. For more information on activities and membership for a particular board, contact Board staff at 916/263-2294. Links to board websites are available on the DCA Boards/Bureaus page.

Following is contact information for the three primary appointing offices:

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom
Attn: Appointments
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Senate Rules Committee
State Capitol, Room 400
(916) 651-4151

Speaker of the Assembly
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0046
(916) 319-2047